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The Association for Resilient Campus design and Innovation


ARCdI seeks to create a community where you can make deep professional and personal connections with design, planning, and engagement professionals in your community and across the nation. By joining ARCdI, you are supporting a network of committed change agents, creative leaders, advocates, collaborators, and design leaders.

A Growing Dynamic and Vibrant Community

As a founding member of ARCdI, you will receive access to and have the opportunity to help create professional development, continuing education, discounted rates to exclusive programs and events, access to virtual webinars and podcasts featuring designers, innovators, engagement leaders, planners, and activists, leadership opportunities, special members-only discounts — and unique connection opportunities with a growing and enthusiast network of mentors, collaborative leaders, and educators.

Professional Development

Take advantage of member-exclusive discounts to trainings, webinars and workshops, and we anticipate by our second year that we will be able to plan and offer an annual Conference.

Showcase Your Work

Connect with your peers, build your reputation, and get seen by employers by updating your profile in the ARCdI Member Directory.

Leadership Opportunities

We are a new organization and founding members will be asked to provide leadership and volunteer by serving on task forces and committees to mature the organization and its offerings, and recommend nominees for our awards programs. Students will also be provided opportunities to engage design and planning work beyond the classroom and take on leadership roles by establishing an on-campus ARCdI Student Group.

Resources & Inspiration

Gain free access to all of our resources, including toolkits, bibliographic resources, and sample legal contracts and agreements. Get inspired by listening to podcasts by designers, engagement professionals, and planners, viewing talks, or exploring a photographic blog of campus-community related architecture, public design, landscape design, and exhibits.

Savings & Discounts

Enjoy valuable savings and discounts on popular products and services from our partners. Receive member-exclusive discounts on ARCdI resources and programming.

Job Opportunities

Benefit from access to complete job listings on ARCdI Jobs and save as a member on job postings that will reach thousands of skilled designers, planners, project managers, and engagement professionals.

Membership Pricing

University Employee

$ 330 Yearly
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Corporate Employee

$ 415 Yearly
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$ 250 Yearly
  • List Item #1
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$ 50 Yearly
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Student Graduate

$ 125 Yearly
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$ 165 Yearly
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